Our services:

What we do is to present our clients the candidates who comply best with the searched job profile and also to submit to the professionals the best jobs in the IT and Microelectronic industry and the area of Reneable Energy.

"Hartmann & Lotz" is the right selection if professionals of the IT line and Microelectronic industry and the area ob Reneable Energy want to find the most suitable positions.

Our core business is the search and preselection of specialists and professionals for the IT, Microelectronic industry and the area of Renewable Energy.

Services for clients:

We undertake national and international recruitment orders for the areas Design and Development, Support & Application, Marketing, Sales, Finance & Administration and General Management. Our flexible and customized services are devided in two different categories.

One is the classic search via interviews, the other recruitments "online" by means of the multiple ways of the Internet and as ever via advertisements in selected journals and newspapers.

"Finding the right people is the key to success."

Services for professionals:

We receive our orders for recruiting high qualified personnel from national and international companies. These are as well enterprises already estabished for a long time as also so-called "Start-up" companies.

In this connexion we contact many condidates in order to check the conformity of qualification and interests and to perform detailled interviews in a certain case.

Secrecy goes without saying for us.

Very often our candidates of today are our clients of tomorrow. Therefore, we as a reliable and professional consulting company, have decided to create a suitable platform with our specific spectrum of services which allows professionals to find correspondingly attractive and interesting offers.